Why Us ?

Smart Stream Digital Media  is your most rapid, flexible, and cost effective path to success with streaming media delivery. For much less than the cost of a single employee, you can benefit from our experience delivering streams to delighted viewers over the past few years.

You need technical superiority and a quality of work you can count on. But today, state of the art products and services aren’t enough. All the technological innovation and unique intellectual property in the world can’t guarantee success.

To get ahead, you need revolutionary ideas focused on your business model, with the solid foundation of superior industry knowledge. You need to implement those ideas fast, completing your initiatives ahead of time and under budget.

Most of our clients are already experts in the online media industry. To bring more than just industry knowledge to the table, Smart Stream Digital Media founders work directly with our clients to build an intimate understanding of each client’s needs. We then rapidly adapt our technologies to suit. This approach allows us to partner with you to work towards your objectives.

When you’re looking for a competitive edge, you need to know not just that we understand our business, but that we understand yours. We have a proven track record of very rapidly grasping our clients’ requirements and turning those into measurable results.

We’ll help you satisfy every viewer by working with you to measure the real return on your investment in streaming. We’ll help you gauge the quality of production, look at your own streams from the users’ viewpoint, and calculate the real revenue or savings being driven by your streams.

We also offer you fully accountable support with our 24/7 engineers who know how to make your media work on the net. Additionally by tracking end-user usage, we continually refine your service offerings to satisfy the widest range of your customers.

Most streaming media networks were designed and built for speeds ranging from modems to ISDN, and many of them use third party caching technologies instead of native media servers designed by the companies behind your media formats.

Our global network is specifically tuned for broadband, with points-of-presence located at the same international Internet exchange points used by your end users’ Internet service providers. This makes our network the best place to host your new high definition content.

For you to sell video online, we offer a hosted VOD store for modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox, as well as embedded stores for Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center Editions. We provide an e-commerce video sales platform complete with admin tools, content management, and integration with rock solid payment processing, and Digital Rights Management (DRM), so you don’t have to spend time developing your own solution.