Video Hosting Content Delivery

With our video hosting & streaming service, you can store your audio and/or visual data on our servers and deliver them to your customers through our Content Delivery Network (CDN). They will be streamed fail-safe and without any breaks.

Our CDN ensures a constant load distribution because the videos are delivered from each of 22 totally redundant edge locations. Therefore we can serve our customers worldwide. The videos are delivered without any delay and are played without buffering. To use our CDN completely, we recommend using an ideally adjusted Smart Stream Digital Media Video Player.

Generally, our hosting environment and CDN can be configured to the customer’s specifications so that individual applications can be hosted smoothly. Our streaming technique is able to process different formats (Flash, Win Media, Silverilght and HD), automatically detects Flash and HTML5 video and also offers an encoding service. We undoubtedly protect your content against unauthorized access with Flash/H.264 DRM or Geo-IP.

We offer you WebTV and IPTV as scalable platforms for Live or On-Demand Streaming

With a live-streaming project, a live event is broadcasted multimedia-based in real time from the event location to online users worldwide. You can differentiate between an event-stream (unique event as for example sporting events, concerts or public speeches), a 24/7-stream (ongoing live-streaming of, for example, WebTV or radio) and video-conferencing (as well as chats, virtual classrooms etc.).

Video-on-demand (VoD) provides the user your content at a desired time. This method ensures a high security level for your data which can be further increased by DRM. We will advise you comprehensively while implementing your online video project. With VOD-streaming, we can also offer you a full range of services in cooperation with our partners for editorial and production services.


ULTRA FAST : Smart Stream Digital Media manages its own Content Delivery Network (CDN) which is optimized for the delivery of rich media, as well as other files that require a lightning fast and stable distribution. It allows you to deliver your content to a broad range of devices, like PCs, set-top boxes, game consoles and mobile devices. Media files can be distributed using both (progressive) download and streaming technologies, for a flawless online experience without any skips or stutter.

RELIABLE : All CDN servers are located at major data centers and are connected to world’s leading internet exchanges. This way, we bring your content close to the user’s connection point, assuring fast load times and a reliable connection. The availability of your content at multiple geographic locations takes away the single point of failure and allows us to easily handle large media files and peak traffic conditions. It also provides you with an automated back-up solution for your content.

The performance of our servers and applications is monitored 24/7 by an automated alerting system, which immediately notifies our engineers if an issue occurs. In addition, we rely on external auditing to ensure the permanent availability of our services.

SCALABLE : By embracing the latest technologies in cloud computing and server virtualization, we have added an extra layer of scalability to our services. Through launching virtual CDN servers, we can scale beyond the limits of our physical CDN, both performance-wise and geographically – making it possible to extend the capacity of our CDN, or to start up CDN servers in other continents while providing the same user experience.

FLEXIBLE : You decide how your content is being made available. By default, all files under your account are publicly available for (progressive) download and/or streaming. However, you can choose to restrict access, for your whole account or for certain directories. To secure your downloads, it is possible to generate unique, time-based URLs to your content which expire within minutes after the request, protecting your content against unauthorized use. When streaming your content, there are other mechanisms to limit access to the stream.

Upon request, we can further customize your account: install geographical limitations, create additional FTP credentials for a certain directory, generate custom statistics or reports, and configure a domain alias…

EASY TO USE : To get your content ready for delivery, you only need to transfer your file(s) to your account on a dedicated CDN ‘master’ server using HTTP or FTP. After having been uploaded, your content will be instantly available for download or streaming (in case of HTTP upload) or after a synchronization period of five minutes (in case of FTP upload).