OUR customers are not required to buy a support contract. All of our basic services – including our implementation services – are included, so you should be able to use them without additional help. If you do need some help or advice, we will not charge you for answering an occasional email. We believe that all customers should be able to benefit from our know-how concerning multimedia and content delivery, and that helping to deliver quality is an important part of our value proposition.

This being said, we reserve ourselves the right to regard customer questions as incidental support requests at any given time. For instance, such would be the case if answering your questions requires a fair amount of research on our part, if we think that you are demanding consultancy rather than support, or if the amount of questions from a customer is disproportionate to his or her use of our services. In any case, we will first obtain your agreement before treating a question as incidental support and charging you for it. Incidental support is charged on an hourly basis.

We offer two types of support contracts: Standard Support and Premium Support.

Depending on your needs, our support contracts can be further customized. For custom projects, support conditions and pricing will be part of the project agreement. Live streams which are managed and/or broadcasted by Smart Stream are also treated as custom projects.

Unless otherwise agreed, support is limited to our own services and delivered on a best effort basis. We will try our best to help you troubleshoot and resolve issues, but in case of client, firewall or network problems – which are beyond our control – we may only be able to offer general advice.