Live Events


Smart Stream Digital Media has been streaming live events from more than four years now. Our experts are experienced in all different aspects of delivering a live-stream. We can either manage the complete delivery or take care of certain aspects in order to ensure a successful production.


  • Best-practice advice on format selection, media player configuration, live-stream planning…
  • Securing access to a professional signal transmission service
  • Pre-configuration of dedicated edge network and load-balancing to ensure scalability for large events
  • Real-time transcoding of the video and audio signal to the live delivery format
  • Broadcasting H264 streams to the origin streaming server
  • Pre-event testing
  • On-site and/or remote support and monitoring of the live-stream
  • Live stream recording and post-event encoding to one or multiple on-demand formats
  • Publishing of on-demand media to the Smart Stream Digital Media CDN

Your live-stream is broadcasted to a dedicated Origin Server and relayed to a pool of Edge Servers, from which your end-users can receive the stream. Since these pool servers are part of the Smart Stream Digital Media CDN, you enjoy all benefits of having your live-stream delivered from our CDN. This includes our ability to scale up/out for very large or global events, by adding virtual edge servers to the pool for additional bandwidth or extra reach. If required, a dedicated load-balancer can be configured to make sure that end-user connections are being spread evenly over the different edge servers.

When teaming up with us, you can also take advantage of our flexible transcoding platform which is compatible with most of industry leading encoders and hence it offers extreme stability and high performance at the same time. Our Media Platform makes it possible to deliver your live streams in High Definition quality. In combination with the Smart Stream Digital Media CDN, it is the ideal solution for multi-screen delivery of live video. Only a single Smart Stream Digital Media, Media Encoder is required to reach Flash players, iOS devices, Android or Windows phones, set-top boxes..