It wasn’t that long ago the idea of transmitting a live video online seemed unattainable; but you would never know it from looking at the Internet today. Thanks to the proliferation of Internet-connected devices, new markets for your live media are cropping up every day. Before you can profit from these markets, your videos have to be formatted to reach them. The Smart Stream Digital Media Encoding service provides the proven, cost-effective solution you need, from a company that helped pioneer live online broadcasting in India.

Smart Stream Digital Media provides a complete online video encoding service, allowing you to handle your encoding tasks efficiently and cost-effectively. As our customer, you get full access to this service.

Our encoding platform is capable of converting virtually all popular source media formats into the target format(s) of your choice – video, audio or image – while optimizing the size-quality ratio. It is powered by the Smart Stream Digital Media Transcoding Service, a distributed solution that allows the encoding load to be spread efficiently over multiple clustered nodes.

Conditional Access Control : Gives you control over who sees your content, allowing you to serve only specific viewers, prohibit certain audiences from having access and prevent content from being viewed in specific geographic areas.

Content Archiving : Provides access to streaming content through online video on-demand playback after a live event is completed.

Live Content Control : Prevents portions of a live stream from being viewed in accordance with content owner/publisher requirements.

Enhanced Monitoring : Automated and “eyes on glass” monitoring work to help your content come across perfectly.

Adaptive Streaming : We support formats, such as Microsoft® Smooth Streaming, Adobe® Dynamic Streaming and Apple® HTTP Streaming, which use adaptive technology to automatically optimize your video for viewers’ bandwidths and devices.

Live DVR : Enable viewers to rewind and pause live content.

DRM Encryption : Integrate with leading DRM schemes for content monetization and protection.

Create custom encoding formats : Customize your encoding format by controlling parameters like container type, video/audio codec, size, aspect ratio, compressions, frame rate, sample rate, audio channels, hinting, mobile-specific options, choice of deinterlacing etc.

Resizing and Cropping : Video’s can be resized and/or cropped, depending on the transcoding format.

Cutting : Transcode only part of your video, or cut it up into different parts.

Generate Thumbnails : Thumbnails can be grabbed at any point in the video and converted to any size or quality.

Watermarking : Add a logo or overlay image to your encoded video.