DRM- Digital Rights Management

Do you want to protect your media content from unauthorized access while delivering fast, high quality content? The answer is to have Flash Digital Rights Management (Flash DRM) deliver your videos through our Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Using progressive streaming, the content is cached afterward because of the nature of the download process. This can be avoided with Flash media streaming-the video is streamed in real-time, and the broadcasting signal is sent in small packets which immediately dissipate. Additionally, Flash videos can be started faster than Windows media formats. Using our CDN, we provide ideal load balancing and safe, consistently fast distribution of your content.

The most important aspects of DRM are access control and the protection of the media content itself- Our Flash DRM ensures this by user authentication and Geo-IP, as well as player verification and streaming-encryption.


  • Safe streaming for live- and on-demand-projects by exclusive compatibility of Smart Stream Digital Media servers with Smart Stream Digital Media players (layout can be completely designed to customers’ specifications)
  • Ready use of our video-player-platform
  • Easy implementation into your existing web-application

  • Video-on-demand-portals for copyright protected content
  • Web-broadcast of live events (e.g. sporting events, concerts)
  • Internet TV channels which should not be recorded
  • Publication of all video content which should not be distributed
  • Copyright protected video syndication
  • Screening rooms for film industry where video content will be sold B2B
  • Videos for marketing use
  • Geo-IP blocking to save regional limited rights